i just got some bad news, and i am not happy about it!!!!!! i called verizon pre-pay and they told me that i can not use the samsung trance as a pre-pay phone only because it is a touch screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can someone help me with this???????????????????????

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Well if it can't be used on prepay then you can either buy a new phone that will work on prepay or can buy a used phone off e-bay that will work on prepay.  I had to do that once when I was on prepay as I dropped and broke my phone so bought a new one on e-bay and verizon actiavted it for me and I didn't loose my minutes or anything.  If your brother and his wife are already on a regular plan you could do like my friend, she added her Mom to their plan.  If they add you then verizon would just activate that phone and you would chip in your share every month.    Mary