prepaid to postpaid - iphone 4s

I've been using verizon prepaid for 2 months now. I wan t retain the same number but move to post paid for iphone 4s. is this possible?

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Re: prepaid to postpaid - iphone 4s
Verizon Employee

Good morning vgadde.


I was able to verify that since you have only had your prepay account/ number for 2 months, you will not be able to keep the same number if you switch to postpay.  You are only able to switch from Prepay to Postpay and keep your same number if you have had your prepay number for at least 6 months.  Therefore, you will be able to switch if you get a new number, or you can keep the prepay account for another 4 months to complete the 6 month requirement.  Below I have provided you with additional requirements.


  • We must complete a credit check.
  • Your account/ mobile number must be active when migrating from prepay to postpay.
  • You must have the prepay account security code.  
  • You must have or buy an e-911 compliant device, (the iPhone is a compliant device).
  • As mentioned above, the prepay account must be active for at least six months.

If and when the requirements are met, you can call our Telesales Department at 800-256-4646, and complete the process.


Thank you,