questions before activating

Getting ready to activate my prepaid but have a couple questions:


Will the activating of the phone and setting up of VM count as minutes and/or daily fee if I choose a plan with that?


Does checking VM count as mobile to mobile minutes? If I choose a plan with unltd. mobile to mobile will it not count against my airtime minutes to check VM because technically I'm calling from my mobile to my mobile to check VM?


Don't want to use up $ setting it up if I can help it.

Thanks for any info!

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Re: questions before activating
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Checking your voice mail does go towards your regular minutes.It does not go towards mobile to mobile.Only way to avoid from using your minutes is either checking your voice mail from another phone or just using it after 9pm when your free minutes come up (if you have that 9pm feature).


If you check from another phone dial your number, wait until you hear the greeting come on and press the pound key. Enter in your password.