"Try Again Later" Errors, Paid Prepaid Account but Data Is Gone, Charge hit Card!


I paid for the next month of service on my prepaid account despite great difficulty getting through the Try Again Later errors. I assumed that the server issues were temporary, and gamely cleared my cache, tried several browsers, and reinstalled the app.

Finally, on November 5th, the LAST day of my plan, I was able to confirm a credit card charge. The charge went through and shows up on my credit card statement as of November 7th. 


I am not receiving dual factor authentication texts at all. When trying to log into my account, view current plans, or access the app, I am AGAIN getting "try again later" messages that I can't fix on my end.

Your phone support service has been extremely unhelpful and running me around in circles.

Verizon, [edit: I said "what the h-e-l-l" here and Verizon wouldn't let me post "a bad word". Verizon, I am a grown adult and you have earned my ire, and I have a right to express that. All I wanted was to give you money and, in return, use the service you provide. I had a good opinion of you a month ago. But now I know the truth, you absolute fraudsters. You've cheated me.  A clam could do better tech support than you. Your app engineers' only degree is from clown college, and they got a C- average because they're just not that funny. Your prepaid "service" is a business designed to fleece the wool off passing sheep, with no concern for retaining them in the pasture, freely letting them wander off to shepherds who actually care. I feel bad for the people you pay minimum wage to helplessly listen to complaints all day without the ability to fix anything. Go eat worms.]

I swapped to your company to get better service when I ran into issues with my old provider, and this is definitely worse. If I don't get this resolved this week I'm just going to swap again so that I can USE MY PHONE THAT I PAID FOR.

Please get back to me quickly. Thank you.

Re: "Try Again Later" Errors, Paid Prepaid Account but Data Is Gone, Charge hit Card!
Customer Service Rep

Hello there! We are sad to read of your experience. We'd love to assist you with your service. It's vital to be able to have working, reliable service. We will be sending you a Private Note so we can help!