raiding my balance while delaying service activiation

No service activated when phone activated... I recently purchased a prepaid iPhone 4 and upgraded my basic unlimited plan to the smartphone  unlimited plan, all paid for in advance on this website -- $159.99 for phone and service. I canceled my  basic plan two days before activating my new phone and paid for texts and calls out of my remaining balance, assuming that my new  unlimited smartphone service would be activated when I activated my new  phone. Not so... Verizon did not activate my new service until I noticed that they were still scooping out of my balance two days after I activated my new phone. They said "the order never went through" when I demanded to know why they didn't activate my service when I activated my new phone, even though I had a Verizon receipt in my hand for both the new phone and service. They took $22 from my balance that they shouldn't have. Anyone else have this problem when changing from one prepaid plan to another? If not, BEWARE!!!!! Verizon will raid your balance while they delay activating service, claiming "the order never went through." Verizon, you owe me $22! 

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