samsung convoy u640
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Can a used (seller refurbished) samsung convoy u640 put on a prepaid plan.I just bought one is why i'm asking.

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Hi kevin38583. I'm so glad you've taken interest in our Prepaid services! We have a lot of fantastic devices that can be activated to Prepaid at Since the Samsung Convoy u640 is a Push-To-Talk capable phone, it cannot be activated on a Prepaid plan. If you happen to purchase a non-Push-To-Talk capable device from an outside source, you can check the device ID at to make sure it's compatible with Prepaid service and can be activated on our network. Phones will either need to be a prepaid device or have been activated on post pay service for a minimum of 6 months before it can be activated to Prepaid service. There's also lots of great answers to other frequently asked questions about Prepaid service at

Thank you

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