Asurion Replacement Phone Locked and refuse to unlock

I just spoken  with asurion agent  and she said once you get replacement  phone we don't want to remove carrier  lock we want you to use only Verizon this is what I got answer. I told her I'm going to use my verizon but I also use 2nd esim with different  carrier  she said we don't want that. 

Verizon customer  support not able to remove it cuz they don't have access to replacement  phone by asurion. I'm going to cancel my insurance anyway you can't use this phone any other carrier no matter you own outstanding  balance or not i mean paid off. Be aware guys if you get replacement  device by asurion  they don't remove carrier  lock. I wanted to replace screen but they send replacement  it was unlock devicewhich i returned to asurin don't get asurion insurance!

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