Broken phone w/out insurance
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Hello, My phone broke and I do not have insurance on it. Is there a Verizon team member who can provide a reasonable solution for my unique situation? I visited in store and there was no reasonable solution offered. No empathy or care for my situation, it was quite a depressing experience. I then contacted Verizon and the same occured. I then posted a review online for the store and the owner responded with a form to fill out, the owner never responded to the form I filled out. Also filled out the survey sent by Verizon and no response.

The only solutions offered were not feasible or practical for my situation, reps thus far simply try to sell me things and genuinely do not help me. As someone who works in the customer service field I am reaching out for help. Often I try to provide solutions for customers and go above and beyond when necessary. I am hoping that someone with Verizon is willing to actively listen and help. It would mean a great deal for myself.

Thank you

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We can definitely take a look at your situation to see what options we have for you. We will be sending you a private note. ~Peter