Verizon and Asurion Fiasco
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I purchased a Galaxy Flip 3, and I purchased the Asurion coverage specifically because the Verizon associate said that screen replacements would be $29 per incident. I didn't know how the folding screen would hold up, so I thought that was a good deal. 

1 1/2 years later, I have a crack in the screen and I am a couple of months out from an upgrade. An early upgrade would cost me $160. I am trying to wait until the new devices come out in August. I filed a claim, expecting a $29 screen replacement. I am informed by Asurion that they do not offer screen replacement, and that a refurbished device would cost $300. I am later told that the repair centers are not able to replace the screen. The associate tells me that if I don't like it, I can cancel my coverage and kick rocks. 

I call the repair center, and they tell me that they can replace the screen for $275. Would take about an hour. They tell me that Asurion knows this info, but they make more money from giving out refurbished devices, and that Verizon supplies the refurbs. Verizon and Asurion make a ton of money from doing this. The repair center person tells me that the insurance from Asurion is a big rip-off, and that no one should ever purchase it.

I contact Verizon, who confirms that the coverage has been cancelled on my devices. She confirms that Asurion will not cover a screen replacement, but that the deductible is now reduced to $229. 

I go to the Verizon store, who says that Asurion does cover screen replacements for $29, but that the refurbished phone deductible should only be $100. 

Another Verizon employee tells me that getting a refurbished phone through Asurion will automatically renew my contract. I will be billed an additional $160 for early upgrade. This does not make sense to me. I go back to the store, and the store manager tells me to do the best I can with a broken screen for 3 more months, because there's really no option for me other than purchasing a new phone. He adds that the only other option I have is to close out both of my lines and sign up for new service for both of them. Again, this makes no sense.

Verizon Executive Team (?) contacts me at this point, and agrees that literally no one I have spoken to throughout this whole situation has any clue at all about policy, Asurion, or upgrade options. She apologized repeatedly, and we made an agreement for the replacement of my screen. 


Here are my questions...

Why is it so impossible to get the correct information?

How are these people still employed?

Am I the only customer with this experience, or has anyone else been given this run-around?

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Verizon and Asuron adamantly claim they are not affiliated or have any ownership I n the companies, but Verizon protects asurion. When filling out a complaint with asurion it is a Verizon rep you end up chatting to. Try to find your ins  policy in your account. Asurion advertises free screen repair with out so much as a hint that  certain phones are excluded. That doesn't stop Verizon from selling the policy under false pretenses. If you lookat their policy it states they can change things without notice to the customer, and its the consumers responsibility to find out if any changes occur by periodically checking their website. If you have a complaint file with the FTC and your state attorney General office.  I CANT THINK OF ANY OTHER CO. That has such loose regulations and rules. Read their terms of use policy. It makes the customer sound like the bad guy, or someone that has to do business with them. It's so aggressive.  Check with your homeowners ins to get coverage. Also buy your plan directly from Samsung