App used or no? - Smart Family

When I view app usage it says “messaging” -Gmail- then I hit manage and it brings me things like kik/viber/message+ 

Does this indicate these apps WERE used or they are just common apps to block? 

why does it not give you detail on web searches etc? 

I thought that was the point? I want to know if my kid is googling inappropriate things- not that he went to google. 

Re: App used or no? - Smart Family
Customer Service Rep

Niksin, we want you to love and understand all the perks of SmartFamily.


The Web & App Activity section of Verizon Smart Family helps you better understand how your child is spending their time online on their device.

You'll be given a graph that shows:

  • General categories of content and a ratio for how much your child engages in each category
  • A breakdown of which websites and apps they used within those categories

Note: Children receive a text message (or push notification on Verizon Android tablets) telling them that their web and app activity is being monitored. Parents should ensure that Smart Family notifications are enabled in the device settings for Android tablets.


For more information, you may review this link: