Blocked contact questions

If I block a contact will the other person on my account be notified that I blocked someone?

If someone on my account trys to text or call a blocked contact,  what will happen?

If the blocked contact tries to contact me via text or call what will they receive?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Blocked contact questions
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The account owner will be notified when there are changes made to the account including blocking a number on the line. The other lines on the account can send and receive calls and text messages from the number you blocked on your line. When the blocked number attempts to call your line they will hear a message indicating there are restrictions on the number they are dialing and the call can't be completed. If the blocked number is a Verizon Wireless number they will also get an automated reply telling them the messages they sent your line can't be delivered. Your line can call or text the blocked number as usual.

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