Blocking Email Texts

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to block email texts on the phones that also have parental controls.  I can see the option on my phone and my husband's phone, but when I select one of the kids' numbers, it sends me to parental controls and I can't see the option there.  All I seem to be able to block is actual phone numbers, which I have done, but now the person I have blocked is sending texts via email and I need to block those as well.  If I block all internet and email texts from the main line will it trickle down to the others or am I missing this option somewhere on parental controls?

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Re: Blocking Email Texts

If you only want you and your husband to reach your child's phone, you can do this:


1) Setup time restrictions on  your children's phones

2) Pick every day, and set it for 24 hours (such as 3:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

3) Add your number and your husband's number to the trusted phone list


When you do this, all phone calls and texts will be blocked for all numbers but those in the trusted numbers. You can add a few more numbers to the trusted numbers if there's anybody else you want to allow to call or text your children. I've found that this approach works better than trying to maintain a block list, since it blocks numbers I don't know of.