Blocking Failure

I have followed every Verizon instruction in an attempt to manage our accounts within the Verizon Family "whatever plan" .  I have been a loyal customer for 13 years.  I have attempted to set a block on a stranger's number who has been harassing my child. This stranger continues to be able to reach my child's number.  Meanwhile, my wife and I are blocked from calling or texting our own daughter.  I cannot reach a live, human person at Verizon to resolve this.  I cannot seem to receive a reply to my email, and I am simply out of patience.  I would be absolutely AMAZED if a customer service human replied with a direct line/contact number to resolve this right away. 

I am ready to leave Verizon and to pay more for simplicity and to protect my family.  Verizon will need to work hard to make me change my mind.

Anyone have a better suggestion?

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Re: Blocking Failure
Customer Service Rep

Wow! You have truly gone through an uncommon experience bye-bye and our sincerest apologies that you were not able to reach us . We strive for stellar service and always want to be able to assist in any way we can. Losing a loyal customer such as yourself due to this situation would sadden me and I would not want to see you go!  I know that  you have gone through an ordeal and we’re here to help. Let’s dive in.

You mentioned you had our FamilyBase feature and with what you are experiencing with this feature is very odd. Here some general information and helpful tips you may have for future reference:

Also so we can get more in depth, please be on the look out for us to contact you soon.


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