Blocking MMS messages

After reading the other posts about blocking numbers and texts I came across the post that said only the MMS message subject line will come through.  Will we ever be able to completely block these types of messages as well?  I've tried blocking the number and they were still able to get through and this explains why, because they figured out to send MMS messages because they would get through to some extent.  Now my only option is to change my number.....

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Re: Blocking MMS messages
Verizon Employee

Hi mlr94553! I'm unaware of this occurrence before reading your post. I actually tried it by setting a Call & Message block against one of my co-workers's mobile numbers. I then had him send me two MMS messages (one with text included, one without). Neither message was downloadable, and I would not see or read any included text. But, when I removed the block, he was able to send the same messages without issue. Do you currently have a Call & Message block for a specific phone number? If you do, and that specific number has been used to send you anything viewable, have you spoken to Tech Support about it?