Blocking WiFi on an iphone 6?

I subscribed to the FamilyBase to limit my daughters nighttime usage on her phone on school nights. The only problem I have now is that she is able to access a WiFi signal and continue to go on websites and social media. Is there anyway to temporarily block her WiFi signal ability as well?

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Re: Blocking WiFi on an iphone 6?
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spalmer0105, kids nowadays know exactly all the work arounds for using their phones. I must admit, even as an adult, I'm very addicted to my device no matter what time of day it is. Because the issue is Wi-Fi related, this is not something we can help with as the device she has provides the option to use it via Wi-Fi. Aside from what Verizon Wireless can offer, you do have the option to change your Wi-Fi password so that your daughter cannot connect. 
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