Blocking or disabling a particular app

We recently purchased a Samsung J3 for a pre-teen and added Verizon Family Base to our account.  The in-store Verizon salesman stated that we would be able to use Family Base to block Android Google Play from downloading games and apps without parental permission, while allowing other apps (Facebook, Wiki, Google search, etc) to maintain connectivity through wifi or mobile data.

I cannot find any settings to do this through the mobile Family Base app or through the Verizon website.  It is also not covered in the FAQ.  Where is this setting?

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Re: Blocking or disabling a particular app
Customer Service Rep

We know it's important to limit what young folks can download on phones. The Family Base will allow you to control connections the phone makes over our network. To control application downloads from the Google Play Store, you will need to activate parental controls from the phone itself. You'll go into Google Play Store, then touch the three horizontal lines in the upper left. Then you'll find User Controls, including parental controls. You'll set a PIN that is needed to change any settings. I would recommend setting the phone to require the PIN for all purchases (includes free), which means it will prompt for this before any new apps can be downloaded. I hope this helps!



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