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I manage my family’s plan so that we don’t go over our limit.  However, I have 2 GB each month as a bonus.  It won’t allow me to add the GB to any phone line.  Do I have to turn off block data usage when limit is reach to use the bonus data and possibly risk going over our allotted amount of data, just to use the 2GB(we also have carryover data too).

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I'm glad to hear that you have bonus data and that you're managing your data to avoid overages, lilibri. I want to make sure we're on the same page. Are you using the FamilyBase feature to set data limits for your account? In addition, you would like one specific number to be able to use the additional 2GB of data, correct? If so, you can edit your data allowances so that the number in question is able to use 2GB more than the other numbers on your account. When you select the option to "Block Data Use When Limit is Reached" the number that you are setting these limits for will not be able to access data unless connected to WiFi once this limit is reached. This will help you avoid overages.


You mentioned that you have carry over data as well. With that being the case, you should be on a New Verizon plan, right? This plan also has a free feature called Safety Mode. When this is turned on, you can continue to use data after reaching your allowance without accruing overage charges. Please review additional infomration about Safety Mode here: . Does this information clarify your concerns?




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