Call and message blocking service

I have already added the number to be blocked on the blocked section.  I have read in a previous post that I also need to have the Call and message blocking service activated.  I have looked everywhere for it but I can't seem to find the spot to do this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

In case you need to know I have a family plan with three lines one of the lines I have dummied out.  And we use Motorola Droid's on the other two lines.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.  Thanks and have a great evening.

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Re: Call and message blocking service
Verizon Employee

Hi pammeysue! I can give you instructions as to how to add Call & Messaging blocks to a line of service on your account.


First, please log into your account using the Account Owner's profile at My Verizon Online (


Next, scroll down to the area titled "I Want To..." Look for the column named "Plan" In that column, there's a box named "Block Calls & Messages". Click on the box.


A new page will open and you will see 5 boxes into which you can add 10-digit numbers. These numbers will be prevented from both calling and messaging your phone number for a period up to 90 days. After the 90 day period, you can return and re-add the numbers if you wish!


The Call and Messaging block service is free of charge.