Camera not working with familybase

I recently installed FamilyBase on my child's iphone 8 and now her camera is off. How do i fix this? I want her to be able to use camera without messaging or social apps.

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Re: Camera not working with familybase
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LAPARKER0608, it’s so critical to be able to use your camera at all times.  Can you clarify what you mean by “her camera is off?”  What happens when you open the camera application and try to take a picture?  Did this start right after you installed the Familybase application?  What settings do you have on their phone through Familybase (data limitations, etc.)?  Let’s start by closing all apps, performing a soft reset, and retesting you camera.  Here are the steps:

If this does not resolve the issue then please temporarily delete the Familybase application, retest the camera, then we can reinstall the application.  This will allow us to determine the exact cause of the issue. 


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