Can’t add phone to smart family
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I have been trying in successfully for months to add my sons phone to smart family. I have made so many phone calls and no one can help. They keep taking me through the same steps and then tell me tech must fix it. I had the same problem with adding my husband as the other parent. My sons phone number doesn’t show up as an option to add it in the app. When I go to the website and try to assign his role as child it won’t change. It says successfully updated but when I refresh the page it isn’t saved. I had this same issue with my husbands phone (they have the same phone) and tech changed his but no one seems to be able to help with my sons phone. My daughter was added easily. She has an iPhone. I also have an iPhone. Tech support tried telling me the phone wasn’t compatible. How can that be when my husbands phone is the same and is compatible?

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Re: Can’t add phone to smart family
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Momto9kidlets, thank you so much for reaching out. I'm sorry to learn of the troubles that you are having with adding your son's line to Smart Family. We do want to make sure that you would be able to do that without any issues. I would love to have the opportunity to review the specifics of the account. I will be sending you a Private Note shortly. Please respond to that message once you receive it. Thank you.