Cannot add, remove, or change time restrictions
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Two weeks ago I stopped being able to add, remove, or change time restrictions. When I try any of these I get an error saying "An error occurred, please try again later". I contacted chat support who said they successfully removed all of them and added some restrictions. Now there are 9 different restrictions listed when there should be only 3 and I can't edit any of them. Anyone experienced this?

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Re: Cannot add, remove, or change time restrictions

I have had a similar problem for about a month.  The techs have run me through hours of troubleshooting my phones, but I think it's a system problem.  Bear with me...

I've found 3 ways to set time limits (1) Verizon online, 2) MyVerizon app, & 3) SmartFamily app), and they all have differences and don't seem to communicate well with each other.  What I have found is that the Online time settings are similar to the MV app, except you can edit the times Online (MV app only allows deleting and recreating time limits).  But they are very different than the SF app.  It seems that from Online and MyV, the times can be set, then they are transferred to SF.  But random things get added, so there may be 2 entries on MV app (that I may or may not have created), but 9 on SF app (that I didn't add and can't delete).  Plus, on Online and MV app, you can't go past 11:59pm, so you have to create another entry for past midnight -- different than SF app.

The content filter on MV app says to go to SF app to set content settings.  Why not do the same for the time restrictions?

Re: Cannot add, remove, or change time restrictions
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We're sorry to learn that you've been experiencing issues with the Smart Family service and the options to manage your time restrictions via the website, My Verizon app or the Smart Family app. To begin, the options for content filtering and location services require that the parent and child phones be paired with the Smart Family parent and companion apps. Time restrictions and other management tools do not require this step, so they're not limited to the Smart Family app. We checked to see if there were any confirmed issues with regard to different time restrictions being added, but we were unable to find any. Each of the three options to manage SmartFamily should mirror one another when it comes to the restrictions/limits you have set. So that we can help, we'd like to gather some additional information. You mentioned that the Smart Family app will show time restrictions that you didn't set and cannot manually delete. Is the managed line being restricted during those times? Do the time restrictions match any that you've set in the past? If you delete and reinstall the app, do the additional time restrictions remain?


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