Content Control for IPhone
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Why can't I set content control for my son's IPhone 5? I was able to set it for his IPhone 4.  Don't tell me to use an app because he has figured out how to delete the app so it does't work.  He's too young for most of what's out there!  You want us to buy smart phones for our kids (because there aren't many basic phones to choose from). I was surprised to find out that other phone companies have more parental controls for the same phone so  it can be done.  Please help parents out and allow us to protect our children.  I've been a loyal customer of Verizon for over ten years.

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Same here... i subscribe to Family Base for 5 bucks a month on top of the outrageous rate i already pay for my family, and i still can't restrict usage time on my kids' iphones. T-Mobile is looking very attractive these days, just sayin'.