Control Tab in FamilyBase doesn't list all phones on account

I have four lines on my Verizon account,  Three are marked child.  When I go to the FamilyBase Controls tab, the dashboard shows my phone number and only two of my children's phone numbers in each section.  When I click to manage each option, the fourth number appears on the next screen.  It's very time consuming to have to click on each option to see the fourth number limits and then I still have to look somewhere else to find the usage on that line.  Why is this happening?

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Re: Control Tab in FamilyBase doesn't list all phones on account
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Family base is a great tool and I am glad to hear you are taking advantage of the service it provides. Hearing that it's giving you some trouble is indeed concerning. We will work together however to get you the assistance you need so that its not so time consuming to set up and view your controls. With the 4th line, what kind of phone is it? Did you add the Family base child line feature to the line? It can be done directly from the My Verizon account as well.

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