Data Restrictions using Smart Family App (iOS)

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My wife and I recently started using the Smart Family App for iOS in attempt to limit distractions for my son at school. However, when we turn this feature on and make sure that my wife and I are trusted contacts, my son cannot receive text messages, this includes iMessages.

iMessages, I can understand, this routes through different servers than a text message would, so maybe the ports need to be adjusted from the Verizon end, but we cannot send/receive messages and he can't to us, either. Calls work just fine.

According to the "About trusted contacts:" Trusted contacts can always call and text with (Cell phone #), even after text limits or call limits have been reached or during time restrictions. [...] - This feature currently isn't working...

Troubleshooting techniques I've tried:

  • Clearing off all restrictions I placed on the Verizon App (not the Smart Family App) - Maybe there was an over-lap issue?
  • Deleting "Trusted Contacts" and re-adding them.
  • Clearing off all restrictions on the Smart Family App and re-adding them.

Primarily I thought this was an issue with having multiple restrictions set from two different apps. So I cleared them off the regular Verizon app and made sure they were exclusively on the Smart Family app. This didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Data Restrictions using Smart Family App (iOS)
Verizon Employee

It's important to be able to limit your son's usage, BRABEN13. We can further assist with the Smart Family feature. I want to make sure we're on the same page. You mentioned that you are attempting to add your wife and yourself as trusted contacts so that you are able to communicate with your son at any time. What restrictions have you set using Smart Family? Are you only attempting to set restrictions during school hours? You mentioned that you are using multiple applications to add restrictions. What other restrictions were being added from another app? Your post indicates that you are adding data blocks. Have you added a data block while your son is at school? If so, iMessages are delivered through data so your son will not be able to use this service while data is blocked unless WiFi is available. Are you attempting to send iMessages while data is blocked?


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