Data Usage Limits on Family Base

I just rec'd notification that my account had "run out" of data, and when I checked our Family Dashboard, I saw that the hard data limits on my 2 kids' lines (ie: stop all data after 6gb) had been overrun to 7.92 and 7.3!  My husband's and my own lines still show plenty of data available.

I'm confused!! Why were the limits I set on my kids' lines overrun, and how can we be "out of data" when the other 2 lines show only half used?

Can anyone explain bc it's apparently going to cost me $30 more this month in overage fees!  Thanks!

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Re: Data Usage Limits on Family Base
Customer Service Rep

BAAH1, it's concerning to hear that more usage than expected is occurring even with the FamilyBase Usage Controls active. I want to make sure that we locate the cause of this for you. What model of devices are they using? Just to be sure, is the option "Stop All Data Usage Once Data Allowance Is Reached" checked in the FamilyBase Usage Controls?



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