Data Usage Problem and still no answers ?
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Below is what I had commented in a past discussion and for some reason it was locked with no clear answers to my question !!

OK, we turned on airplane mode this morning for her trip to work... Once turned back off, she used another 53 mb as soon as it was turned on!!! All she did was turn it on and 5 minutes later I called her. The timeframe of the usage

was the time airplane mode was turned back off. I was at a Verizon store Saturday and they had looked at it and said everything looked good as far as any apps running or anything out of the ordinary. I had everything off that should be off !! Now what ??? The employee there said it definitely something going on Verizon`s end and not the phone !!! Any ideas what that may be ? I am still wondering if there is a problem once it jumps to another tower in that area...I am about at the end now and wondering who I could turn to?.

And the last response was apps running in the background causing updates.

That still wasn`t the fix for this.

Why is it that the mysterious data usage happens only in the mornings Monday thru Friday at the same my wife is traveling to work ??

No other times is there any usage or updates that I am not aware of. Nothing ever happens at any other times or on the weekends...

Only data that is being used are only in the mornings on her way to work !! It is usually anywhere from 50 - 80 MB`S for no apparent reasons.

She is driving and her phone is in her purse. I have tried turning data off and airplane mode ,with both instances, once turned back on it, will still use the

mb`s.  Why is that, the only time of the mornings is there a usage that can not be explained ?

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