Does Family Locator give false Notifications

What is the possibility that Family Locator sent a (False) NOTIFICATION: Locatee departed from target location.  And then sent a (False) NOTIFICATION: Locatee arrive at the same target location 22 minutes later.

My child says they arrived at the target location and did not leave until returning home at which time he called.  However, I was alerted at 7:10pm of arrival, 7:52pm of departure, 8:14pm arrival at same location and then 8:31pm departure.   He said he arrived around 7:10pm and left when he called at 8:31pm and he states the 7:52pm and 8:14pm are wrong and that he did not leave.

I am not Naive. I just don't want to doubt him and he be telling the truth.  So, I would like someone to tell me if it is possible for this technology to give a False NOTIFICATION in the situation I have described.  

To clarify, I am referring to the Notifications / Alerts tool within Family Locator where an address/location is entered and Family Locator sends me a Text Notifications when the Locatee Phone arrives and departs from that address/location.  Thank You.

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Re: Does Family Locator give false Notifications
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It has been a while since I have used Family Locator, however I was on the phone with verizon at least once a month trying to get it fixed as it would show my son 300 miles away from where he was, and it would jump around and send me notifications at midnight when he was sound asleep that he was at school or something similar.  Never had very good luck with it which is why I sold the phone and got an Android when I could. I use a different App on the android then Family Locator.

That said, I would contact VZW and have them trouble shoot it and open a ticket. There were times that the tower needed to be adjusted and fixed.