Does Family Locator work on Samsung Galaxy s3?

I just installed the Family Locator app on my Samsung Galaxy s3, but everytime I try to locate that phone or the others on my network, it stops working and kicks me out.  I'd like to be able to track my daughter's IPhone location from my Droid phone and thought this would be the best choice, but maybe not...

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Re: Does Family Locator work on Samsung Galaxy s3?
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Good morning alica and thanks for reaching out about the Family Locator. I know tracking children is very important now days. Let's figure this out. As you mentioned, the Galaxy S III and the iPhone are both compatible with Family Locator. Has the application been downloaded on your daughter's phone as well? If not, this may be where problem is. Also, on the website, you may want to select the option for the Locatee not to be prompted to "Allow" to be located. This way, she doesn't have to know when you're trying to locate her. However, Location has to be turned ON on Locatee's phone. Here are some FAQs about the Family Locator, which will also provide you with links about "How To".

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