Family Base Companion on Samsung Intensity III?

We have Family Base, now that our 11-year-old has his first phone: a Samsung Intensity III. I keep getting the following message on our My Verizon page: "Oops! FamilyBase Companion may not have been successfully installed on Jon's phone. The phone might be turned off. Check withJon and if you need to, you can send a link with FamilyBase Companion to Jon's phone again." However, as far as I can see there is no way to install an "app" on the Intensity III. Is that correct? If there is, I'd love it - because part of the attraction of the FamilyBase package was being able to restrict the hours that my son is using the phone. If there is an app that can be added to the Intensity III, how do I download it? I have tried to click on a web page link but with no luck. If there isn't an app for the Intensity III, leaving aside the false advertising problem, what do I have to do to get Verizon to stop sending that annoying message?

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