Family Base Data Limits -- Do They Work Reliably?

I'm having a different issue with Family Base Data Limits.  I set the data limit on my daughter's line, but I got an overuse charge in my last bill.  I called and after several minutes with one customer support rep telling me repeatedly that I hadn't subscribed to Family Base, a second one told me that Family wasn't available with my calling plan, they finally told me that they can't stop data usage during a "session" and that I would have to call them each time that happened to reverse the over charge.  How likely is it that someone will be in the middle of a "session" as they exceed the limit?  Why don't they just shut it off as I requested?  Apparently, they're also unable to automatically resolve this known problem without putting me through the repeated customer support hassle.

I reported it to the FCC and Verizon told both of us the same story.  The FCC bought it and close the complaint -- pretty much confirming my expectations about that route.  So now, I'm stuck in a contract where I'm supposed to be responsible for my side of the contract, but they don't have to.  Family Base is starting to look like a gimmick with services that Verizon can't reliably deliver.  It's probably time to jump ship.

Does anyone else get charged for data overuse after setting up a Family Base data limit on that line?  If so, how often?

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Re: Family Base Data Limits -- Do They Work Reliably?
Customer Service Rep

We certainly want to offer you the most control possible to manage the usage, edapeach15. To confirm, you have verified the hard stop is in place via the Family Base Settings? What type of phone does your daughter have? If Android go to Settings>Data Usage to adjust hard stop on the actual device software (user can easily chang though). Our system is setup to make a data session dormant after 5-10seconds. If browsing the web this should allow the system to catch the hard stop and put it in place right at the limit. If the session is a stream of music or video it will not go dormant because it is a constant flow of data. I may suggest setting data limit a little lower to give some buffer. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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