Family Base Restrictions to internet/data not working

Based on the following description for Family Base Restrictions:

When your child tries to call or send a message to a contact that's not designated as a Trusted Contact, the call won't connect and the text message won't be delivered. Your child will receive a free text alert indicating that a time restriction is preventing communications with that contact at this time.

If your child tries to access data during a restricted time, the device will function as if it's in an area with no data service and the activity will be prevented. A device error message or network error message may appear stating, "network not available" or "no connectivity." Messages vary by device.

Your child won't receive a free text alert indicating the reason for this experience, because some apps are always allowed to access data. At this time, it's not possible to distinguish which apps would need to trigger these alerts and which shouldn't.

...there should be SOME restriction to the internet during a restriction set up on a line.  While it DID restrict making a phone call or didn't limit any access to online/data/apps.  They could still access You Tube, Google, apps, etc.

Shouldn't a restriction be more limiting than this?  This isn't what it describes above.  Our kids have Samsung Core Primes fyi

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We want your FamilyBase to help keep you in control of your device. Let's work on this. Since the time of day restictions will only restrict actual web usage and not application usage I would recommend installing the FamilyBase Child app so you can lock the device remotly, or if that will not work you can setup a usage limit with the ablity to stop all usage once the data limit is reached Please note that this would only restrict our data usage and WIFI could still be accessed once the data limit is reached.

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