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I found out from my teenager that when a phone number is added to the watch list that Verizon sends a text notifying the child that the parent has placed a number on the Watchlist!  First, Verizon should have given me, the parent, a warning before doing this.  Secondly, Verizon needs to change this ASAP.  This service deficiency has now caused problems in our family!  I would have never clicked that little flag to put a number on the Watchlist if I knew my child was going to be notified.  Verizon, this is a serious issue.  Is there a way to get around this so that I can monitor my child's interaction with a particular number?

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I found out the same thing the same way.  I am pissed. Verizon this is a messed up.  Why in the world would you send the child a text letting them know that one of their contacts is being monitored.  If I wanted to do it openly, I would just take the phone and go through its history.

Did you have the kids helping you with the decision to have this program send them a text when the parents are monitoring them?  I pay for the phone and the service. I feel betrayed.

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I'm with you on that Monicam104. It's an absolutely pointless feature the way it is set up to notify the child but could be an incredibly useful tool if this is changed. Why in the world would they set it up like this is beyond me, whoever came up with this DOES NOT have teenagers.


Not is there unlikely to be a way around this feature in Family Base, there ARE ways your child can still interact with said individual without your knowledge. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc... are all methods which Family Base cannot prevent your child from making contact.