Family Base always down
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The last three or four times I have gotten on to family base to check on my kids' usage or change their usage, the system has been down for maintenance.  It doesn't matter what time of day I check in - it has been down.  Since I pay for this service, this extremely frustrating. 

I tried to use the Verizon service to be able to shut off the kids phones when I wanted to but it required VPN which sucked down data and battery life.  

Why is this all so difficult?  I just want to get what i pay for with Verizon!!

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Re: Family Base always down
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I totally understand your frustration and absolutely want to ensure you are able to take advantage of the FamilyBase service right away. How are you accessing FamilyBase? Can you tell me more about when you tried to suspend their lines but it required a VPN? Was this through the app or through the desktop site?


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