Family Base data limit vs Safety Mode

If a phone's data limit set by Family Base is met does the phone swap to Safety Mode or is all data stopped?

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Re: Family Base data limit vs Safety Mode
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We want to do all that we can assist you with managing the usage on your account. Safety Mode and Family Base are totally separate features. Family Base allows you to set data usage limits on your lines. You have the option of setting up that line to restrict data access once that limit is reached or to send that line a notification when the line reaches the data target. Did you select the option to hard stop data on that line? 
Safety Mode is an optional feature of the new Verizon Plan that lets you keep using data at reduced speeds after your data allowance is used up for the month. This would slow data down for all the lines on your account. However, the line that has the data limit will still be able to utilize data until limit is reached at slower data speeds. 
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