Family Base - good idea, poor implementation.

This message is for the product developers or managers.

The idea behind the product is great. Because nowadays kids live by the phones the parents must have control over what the kids can do with their phones.

Unfortunately Family Base falls short on what it should deliver.

The three major issues with this product I found so far (and I just started, or rather tried to start using it)

1. Minimum limit for data usage: 0.5 GB. THIS IS A BIG BOO BOO. Do you guys know how much stuff the kids can download using so much data? I want to be able to limit their usage with a much smaller limit. 0.1GB at least. I only have 1GB plan because we do not really need that much data. Before the kids got the smartphones we never approached the limit.

2. Setting time restrictions. This should allow the parents to limit certain usage within those hours, not everything or nothing. Different time restrictions for text, different for calls and different for data.

3. Family Base Companion. How about a password needed to uninstall this app? What good this is if the kid can just uninstall it?

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Re: Family Base - good idea, poor implementation.
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there are restrictions you can set on your device that would disallow the removal of the Companion app. requiring a password for deletion is not something that can be integrated into an app as the function is carried out by the device.

Re: Family Base - good idea, poor implementation.
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Thanks for your feedback Jacek. I am also a parent and I truly understand your concerns, and desire for additional control feature. Currently the FamilyBase is working as designed and no information about future changes is available within my resources.  I see that you have just started using this feature, please visit this link for more details on it:

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