Family Base question: block internet on child's phone
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Family Base question:  I am looking to block internet (wi-fi) on a child's phone.  Family Base FAQ says it can be done through Family Base and references a User Guide: 

"How can I block the internet on my child's phone with FamilyBase? You can do this through the FamilyBase app, if you’ve paired your child’s device by installing the FamilyBase Companion app (Android) or FamilyBase Mobile Device Management Profile (iOS).  For more information, refer to the How to Use Guide: FamilyBase."   

However when you go to this user guide there is no mention of how to block internet or even whether it is possible.  I tried chatting w/ Verizon rep but they didn't know.  If this cannot be done with Family Base, can anyone tell me whether internet can be blocked on an Samsung/Android smart phone?  I don't know if this could be done by removing the browser app?  I realize that one can access the internet through data, but that I can control with other limits.

I looked as what verizon described as "Basic Phones" and some of them still have wi-fi internet access.

thank you for your help.

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Re: Family Base question: block internet on child's phone
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Great question, Elizabeth10. Through FamilyBase, you do have the option to block cellular data from being used on a child's phone. Once the Companion App is installed in the child's phone, you will need to log into Family Base online through your My Verizon account and through here you will need to set limits to the child's line you are trying to block. If you need us to, we can walk you through steps once you need to set the limits.