Family Base troubles

Installed Family Base, but having many issues. Finally had to call Verizon this morning and have it removed.  Last night, my daughter could not call, text, or access anything on her phone from Wifi or Verizon network.  Constantly said VPN was connecting.  I logged into the website, no clear trouble shooting directions related to VPN.  From PC, I changed her role to not assigned.  That then removed the VPN connection from settings, but would only allow the phone to work on Wifi, would not work on Verizon plan.  I then tried to uninstall Family Base from my phone, only to receive an error message that the APP was no longer supported, which it is the latest version.  Then from my phone, I also changed her line to unassigned, which then allowed the phone to work on both Wifi and Verizon network.   But when looking up my status on Website, showed me still enrolled.  I had to call Verizon to have it removed. 

Many times since installing Family base, it was kicking her off Wifi, and she just burned through our data plan. 

I would really like this app to work, but can't hardly send my child out and have a scenario as last night where not a single feature worked.  It is not supposed to mess with talk and text.

Please keep me informed as to when the bugs are worked out so that I can try this again once the issues are resolved.

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