Family Base won't take bonus data into account in setting limits
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I used to be able to set data limits for my son's phone on the Verizon website.  We have a 12 GB plan plus 6 GB bonus data each month for a total of 16 GB.  In the past I have set his limit at 13 GB.  Now the website refuses to allow me to make this setting as it tells me I can't set a limit higher than my 12GB data plan.  (The Verizon iPhone APP always gave me this message, so I've used the website.) 

Verizon has changed its website, however, so now I get the same message when I try to raise his limit to 14 GB (just giving him 1 more GB!), since he ran out of data while traveling.  Last night I spend well over 1/2 hour on a chat with a rep, who insisted that the website was having a few problems, but they would have it resolved in a few hours.  He insisted he didn't have the capability of setting the limit for me.  He suggested I remove all limits, which was unacceptable, and then suggested a switch to Unlimited Data for an extra $15 a month - this despite the fact that I had 11 GB left in my account last night with one day left to go in my monthly plan (due to data rolled over from last month.)  At this point I requested to speak to supervisor (who never came) as the rep was then able to figure out how to change my data himself, although he had told me it wasn't possible.

I told him a was very upset that he would try to upselll me to Unlimited Data, when I had 11 GB left with 1 day to go, and the problem was Verizon wouldn't let me give 1 GB to my son!

He reassured me the problem would be fixed, but it has not been.  The beauty of Family Base WAS that I could make changes instantly.  It wasn't perfect because I couldn't change it from my iPhone app, it was limited me to being around a laptop.  But now it is terrible!

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