Family base and wifi, please

I take my son's phone away every night. I was hoping family base would block wifi, it does not. Not to be rude but, come on Verizon! I'm not the only one who has asked and in my case I'm back to taking his phone away at night.

I want complete lock down from texts, data to include wifi, offline games etc... Alarm and trusted contacts only being allowed during the night.

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Re: Family base and wifi, please
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Been there.. And your solution is the correct and appropriate solution.   Verizon is controlling cellular use, which for a cellular company is appropriate. 

You can shut your routers Wifi access to devices at set hours (I used to do that) and some devices will shut themselves with timers (Apple) but in the end, screens of any kind disrupt sleep.  So you are doing right to remove them from bedrooms at night.