Family base issues

Family base use to work to block calls and set time restrictions, however in the past 4-5 months it has not been working to block calls, Any on the restrictions list, nor do the time restrictions work.. I have turned off phone and reboot it and re install the app as well as installing the upgrade for the new program On the phone in question. It has been synced as well. The new location features I added worked for about 4 hours and then have not worked since. The concept of this is great but not if it's not working right. What can you suggest to make it work and no it's not an iPhone

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Re: Family base issues
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HERBEC32, these details are useful. Being able to use Smart Family to monitor your account is crucial. Do you recall any changes to your account or phones within the past 4-5 months? I would like to work together to ensure that it is set up correctly on your account. I have sent you a Private Message, please check your inbox.



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