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Am I able to use the moto w755 as a locatee phone?   it is not listed on the website as a locatee capable phone. 

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bcasey- Thanks for reaching out to the Community regarding Family Locator!

Family Locator provides peace of mind while helping families stay in touch by allowing users to securely locate a family member who is carrying a locatable device.

Family Locator allows users to:

Get free scheduled updates with location information at chosen times of day.

Get spoken turn-by-turn directions to the location of family member's device (VZ Navigator required).  
Monitor family member's phone location from a personal computer, or from any web-capable device (including Smartphones).

Receive free arrival and departure updates when family member's device enters or leaves designated locations.


Not all devices are family locator capable as far as being able to be the locator/locatee.

Unfortunately, the Motorola W755 is not capable which is why you are not able to locate it on the website.


Family Locator

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I'm curious about this. I understand that each phone has a different OS and architecture, so you can't possibly support the app on every phone. However, is there any reason we can't get an area-based location for phones that aren't supported? You'd want to put warnings up when somebody selects that phone to tell them it will have limited functionality, but even having an area-based location only would be useful.