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I would like to know that if you get the Verizon smart family app and you choose all lines to be applicable and do you have to have done anything to your other phones or can it all be done from my phone from the app and does the other lines get a message saying that they are being so-called watched? And does it show up on my phone bill if someone else has gotten the app and has chosen the other lines on our services well and how could one tell that it is been installed without knowing

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Having a clear understanding of how the Smart Family application works is vital. When making changes, it is advisable that the lines that are being managed are powered off while the changes are being made and applied. You can learn more on how to use the Smart Family App, here: and learn more about the app here: 


In regard to provisioning the line for Smart Family, there is only one line that will be charged and that line is referred to as a Parent line and all other lines are subject to the assigning and restrictions made by the parent line.