FamilyBase think an iPhone is an Android

I have subscribed to FamilyBase for a while now. I have attempted to resolve this issue multiple times. One of my devices, an iPhone 4s, is showing as an Android in FB. It advises I should download the Companion App to be able to fully use FB on that device. I have unsubscribed, resubscribed and resetup my account with no changes. I also restored the iPhone to default settings using iTunes and no success. I have not been able to find anything helpful in the VZW web resources. I have watched the FB videos, etc. Any advice would be appreciated. VZW tech support hasn't been, what shall we say, helpful at determining the root cause.

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Re: FamilyBase think an iPhone is an Android
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We want to get to the bottom of this once and for all, xseleven! I have sent you a Direct Message so that we can review the account settings in detail to ensure you are able to use the right features.

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