Familybase blocks all data even when there are no restrictions
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We set this all up just like your wonderful instructions said.  Set the only content filters to be NO PORN and set night time restrictions.  No internet or data could be used at wifi, no over the air. (no it wasn't within the night time restriction hours either) So what is the point of being able to restrict web sites, if it just stops everything?

Going through all of the horribly organized FAQs, indicates that the time restrictions wont block wifi. Really? isn't that what night time restrictions are for?  When I input data restrictions, THAT restricts wifi, but the time doesn't?  That make no sense!

I do not have the DO NOT STOP DATA box checked, just inform me......but yet the data stops in whole.

This should have been easy.  Does this system REALLY work?

PLEASE do not send me to the FAQs,  I've read them multiple times. I want VERY SPECIFIC answers as to why your app that I PAY for doesn't work. I am beyond frustrated and considering consumer fraud protection at the state level.

Our phones are all Motorola Z-Force Droid, Android 7.1.1 (which of course you stopped supporting months after we purchased them)

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Re: Familybase blocks all data even when there are no restrictions
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I rely on Family Base to allow me to manage my sons usage and definitely want to ensure you're able to manage your lines usage, AZAV8TER. We're sorry you're having trouble and want to get this frustration turned around. Time restrictions do not prevent WiFi usage. We appreciate your feedback and will forward that for review. Let's dig further into this. What happened when the user tried to use data? Were there any error messages? How long was data restricted for?


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Re: Familybase blocks all data even when there are no restrictions
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There is no way you use this app.  It does NOT WORK!  I have seen your same response throughout this discussion board, so PLEASE lets be real.

Absolutely NOTHING happens when he tried to use the internet. As soon as your VPN app shows up, the phone is not usable.  Cant use wifi, cant use over the air.  I had only ONE content filter set, and it blocked everything.  Even when I removed the content filter and had noting set, it blocked everything. (i cant tell you how many times i reset phones, turned them on and off, etc)

Additionally, your time of use restriction does not stop wifi usage.   Well that is pointless.  Come on, does that make any sense at all?

Your app can be removed by any child simply by uninstalling it and NO notification is sent to the parent phone.

Looking through the rest of the discussion board indicates the other app functions do not work either.  So, is this fixable?  or is this simply consumer fraud??  Is this Verizon's way of telling the FCC "We protect kids"? when you really don't?

What really angers me, is that I am paying for this app.  I went to stop the service and a warning came up saying I was resetting all of my contracts.  Funny, it didn't say anything when I signed up for it.