Familybase usage reporting on Verizon web site has stopped working
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I've been a Verizon customer since 1993, and as I work in the technology field consider myself adept at using electronic devices and services.

I set up and have been using family locator and familybase for about a month. I set up time and data usage windows, trusted and blocked telephone numbers, and everything worked well. The family base web site showed me usage by time period, top apps and time used.  Everything was working fine till last Sunday afternoon when the Verizon web site started giving me a message that the service was unavailable.

I tried logging in from a Mac with safari, a pc with IE and with chrome, my iPhone and from an android tablet with the same result- the service is unavailable, try back later. I satisfied myself it was not the device or browser I was using to access the web page as the error was platform independent.

i next restarted the child device after confirming the companion app was installed and "self identifying" that it was installed and running. No change. I then reinstalled the companion app from the Google play store, and it again appeared to be installed correctly. The services associated with familybase appeared to be running on the android device. Still, no service available on the vzw web site.

I'm at my wits end.  I've done everyone I've found in these forums to troubleshoot this, and the service continues to be unavailable. I know we're only talking 4.99 a month but it's starting to be annoying that something has stopped for no apparent reason and now won't work.

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Re: Familybase usage reporting on Verizon web site has stopped working
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aNHguy, I want to make sure that you are able to use FamilyBase. I appreciate all the steps you have taken to troubleshoot this. When you are on your My Verizon account, do features still show FamilyBase under your current features? You mentioned that you have been using the service for a month so I want to ensure that after the one month free trial expired that the feature remained on your account.

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