Gizmo Watches Seem Unreliable

I have 2 Gozmo watches for my kiddos.  Overall, they are ok, but they don’t charge regularly… sometimes they “charge” all night but don’t actually charge during that time.  They are constantly connecting and disconnecting throughout the night when on the charger.  Also, if one of my kids make a call that goes to a voicemail, they can’t hang up.  The watch won’t let them and they end up leaving a 3 minute long message of dead air on my phone.  Anyone else having these issues, and any ideas on how to fix them? 

Re: Gizmo Watches Seem Unreliable
Customer Service Rep

We always want your devices to be working properly. We're happy to go over these issues with you. We'd like see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.