Got Verizon notice that my kid's phone made a purchase on the internet. Will that purchase be billed to my account?

I have set a family safeguard to notify me when a phone on my account makes a purchase on the internet. I'm a bit confused how this works, because shortly after Verizon texted me the first notice of an internet purchase--there have been two, my kid texted me she would pay me back for it. Nothing has appeared on my Verizon bill, and I find nothing in current usage reports about it. Is this notice just for my information about what my kid is doing? Can she charge a purchase on the internet to my Verizon account?

When I examined the notice settings on My Verizon, I saw that when Verizon notifies me of something I've requested notice about, data usage, for example, it also notifies the phone involved.  That's how my kid knew I knew of of the her purchases. I'm thinking now that she misunderstood the notice she got as telling me that Verizon would bill her purchase to my account. I assumed she knew that to be true. I know suspect she made a purchase on line with her debit card and thinks she billed it to me.  The good news is my kid is responsible enough to offer to pay a charge she thinks she put on my account.  The bad news, for her, is she could be emptying her bank account thinking I've got it covered and she can pay me back a little at a time.

Can anyone confirm that Verizon's notice of an internet purchase via a phone on my account is unrelated to how that purchase is paid? Also--this is the fun part--should I give her a heads up that she's probably spending all of her money, or should I let her learn when she's broke that she needs to understand what she's doing when she spends money.  Tough call from my point of view.

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Re: Got Verizon notice that my kid's phone made a purchase on the internet. Will that purchase be billed to my account?
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Hello Pligrim,

Thanks for reaching out to us today. You have reached out to the right person to help you out today. These are great questions. With the alrets for purchasing apps or ringtones, those alerts are normally triggered when one is billing those charges to the account. What kind of device does your daughter have? How long ago did you receive the alert? If it was within this billing cycle that you are in right now it will not show up until the billing cycle closes for the month. We can always review the account for you to double check to make sure that they are either being charged to the Verizon Wireless acccount or to your daughters bank account.

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