Has anyone received a spam call from their own number??

I just had my phone ring and it was "Me" calling from my cell number. I answered and a recorded message, "AT&T, your number has been flagged for possible fraud. Please enter.....(this is kind of when the shock set in) I can't remember if it said last 4 digits of social or phone number...after the tone." Then it beeped like an old voice mail recorder.

So, has someone used my number for spam and AT&T is really warning me, or was this a fishing spam call??

Really people?? My number?? Sheeesh.

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Re: Has anyone received a spam call from their own number??
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When you go into your account on here and go where it shows what calls you have made or received does it show in there that it was a call from you or does it have the actual number that called you? Also I think I report this to Verizon by calling them and see if there is something you can do about it. On here it is mostly other Verizon customers and occasionally someone from support but your question is one that I am sure we All will be dealing with soon. Can you please keep us posted on what you find out