How to restrict data, not calls with Family Base
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I just got Family Base.  It seems that the time restriction is all or nothing.  I would to turn off data during certain times but still allow them to make calls.  Does the white list allow them to make calls during time restrictions, or is that just when there are limits on the minutes?

We should be able to specify limits that occur in certain timeframes.  For example, in a given time frame, they can talk 15 minutes or transfer 500mb or something like that.  Having the limit based on the monthly cycle doesn't make a lot of sense.

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Re: How to restrict data, not calls with Family Base
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peterkronenberg, we appreciate this feedback as it allows us to hear your voice and recommendations on we can make this feature better for you in the future. It will be uplifted to our marketing team for review. For more details regarding Family Base, click

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