How to truly block all unwanted calls
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If you are trying to block calls,  any tpye of calls there is a great way to do it.  Enroll in Smart Family,  It is costing me $5 a month but it solved a huge problem for me. My mom has been scammed out of a huge sum of money over the phone.  She became completely and unreasonably addicted to the thought of winning a large prize.  She made it very difficult to stop her.  Long story shorter,  I put her on my Verizon plan with a new phone and number. The scammers were calling her using a spoofed “unavailable” number.  I had to get Smart Family,  set my mom up as a child, limit her calls and texts to being off 24/7 and then creating 20 (the limit) trusted contacts.  My only wish is that you could have or buy more. This has stopped the scammers dead in their tracks.  Hopefully,  I will completely stop this situation.  But this can work in any situation were there are calls you have found no other way to stop!

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